Hello folks!

My name is Michael and welcome to my blog! Feel free to crack a cold one and relax while I introduce myself…

About Michael Blowers

Me standing in the Senate Building. Prague, Czech Republic, 2017.

I started this blog in December of 2015 as a way to creatively share ideas on personal development and life. My goal was to empower readers to live authentic and fulfilling existences.

Well, a lot has happened since that chilly December. I’ve experienced intense heartbreak, lost a few loved ones, failed multiple times at multiple things, faced personal demons and crippling insecurities, and uncovered some challenging realities about life and what it takes to live authentically in this chaotic and ever-morphing world. Of course, there have been a plethora of amazing moments in that time, but the point is that who I am today is different from who I was when I started this endeavor.

Personal growth, self-actualization, and the pursuit of wisdom is and always will be the heart of this blog, pumping life into each and every post. But I’ve come to realize that this blog is – and must be – more than that.

It’s a living, breathing expression of who I am. It’s a creative and intellectual playground where I can flesh out and share unique ideas and perspectives. It’s a running log of evolving paradigms and represents the messy, non-linear journey through life, personal growth, and all the crazy shit that happens along the way. And it’s here for you to enjoy and benefit from if you so choose.

I’m no saint, guru, or expert. You don’t have to listen to or agree with me. I make mistakes and am wrong at times. But I do study this subject feverously, think about it obsessively, and strive to be the best writer, thinker, and person I can be every day.

If you took my advice and grabbed that drink, raise it in the air because I’d like to propose a toast.


This could be us, only virtually.

Here’s to our new…dare I say…friendship?  And remember, like all good friends have the habit of doing, be prepared for me to piss you off a few times.  I only do so because I love you 😊.

Welcome aboard!